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Detail from <a href='https://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/rp56bh' target='_blank'>'Carte De Hollande Et D'utrecht' (Covens et Mortier, 1750)</a> The ‘Dutch Global History’ collection will offer users a central point of entry for all Dutch historical place names and other place names related to Dutch history — in the broadest geographical sense. As the collection grows, it will also function as a public resource for the wide range of projects on Dutch history that carry spatial components. The collection is being compiled on an ongoing basis by the KNAW Humanities Cluster from new and existing datasets created by a variety of different institutions, projects, and individual researchers.


3584 cities with temporally scoped names from the Euratlas Periodis Historical Atlas and Gazatteer. Polities will be added as a separate dataset.


Historical geography for the Bourbon Spanish America through time (1701-1808), comprising settlements (lugares) and their temporally scoped position within the administrative territorial structure (territorios) of that period and region.